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Danita Doleman

Managing Principal at SEAS Community Partners

About Me

Danita Doleman is currently the Managing Principal of SEAS Community Partners, LLC, a consulting management firm that focuses on providing business solutions utilizing mobile and web technologies, along with tactical grant and proposal writing, to assist companies in obtaining essential business funding and new contracts. SEAS Community Partners, LLC was founded by Danita Doleman.

Ms. Doleman is aware that achieving success in business does not occur by accident. In point of fact, she has witnessed a great number of small to medium-sized firms fail as a direct result of bad internal management, mishandling of clients or projects, or both.

Danita Doleman has the opportunity to guide executive and management-level entities in different market sectors to advance their business strategies and implement project planning as part of her current role with SEAS Community Partners. This is done with the intention of delivering quality results to meet the expectations of stakeholders or clients.

She has collaborated with a wide variety of industry partners, including those from the public sector and nonprofit organizations, as well as those from the construction, real estate, technology, and retail industries, and corporate enterprises ranging in size from small to big.

Because Danita Doleman has a background in both computer technology and business management, she is able to assist companies and organizations in moving forward into new territories, service contracts, or product lines by utilizing emerging technologies and sound business practices. This ability has given her the capacity to help businesses and organizations use these tools.